Here we discuss the various aspects of Internet Marketing as it applies to the design of web sites, what it is, why you should be actively engaged in it and some tips on how you might be able to go about developing and implementing your own internet marketing strategy when designing your website.

Marketing in the New Interactive Marketing Landscape

There is no doubt that the challenges faced by marketers are wide and varied as the landscape changes and embraces digital channels. We are taking a brief look at the challenges faced with interactive marketing. We examine some of the essentials with cross-channel marketing. We look at sophisticated email marketing, website personalisation strategies and of course new approaches to use of social media. All of these set out to improve your ability to market to individuals or specific segments of customers and prospects. With the right Interactive Marketing solution you will be able to truly engage each customer in a two-way, interactive dialogue.

Key Points

  • You need to understand the essentials of interactive marketing essentials in order that you can market to individuals or specific segments of customers and prospects.
  • It is important that you understand how you can reach and engage your customers in a continuous conversation that is timely, relevant and welcome

  • Through interactive marketing you can build better relationships with your customers, improve your marketing results, increase the accountability of your marketing investments, and reduce costs

  • Develop strategies to map a personal program to adopt interactive marketing as an integral part of yruo overall marketing strategy

Today, marketers are being constantly challenged with how to build a brand and the same time, develop a relationship with their market. Traditional push strategies have fallen from grace proving to not be as effective as they were. Mass media channels are no longer central to the marketing strategy of today’s businesses – greater reliance is now being directed at digital media with a pull approach. There is also greater demand for accountability – business owners are looking for return on investment data. The emphasis is now on engaging with your audience in a timely and meaningful manner. People are no longer wanting to have marketing material pushed in their faces – they now have access to unlimited information they are hungry for.

What does Interactive Marketing really mean? It means engaging each customer and prospect in a cross-channel dialogue that builds upon his or her past and current behaviour.

The right Interactive Marketing solution should enable you to engage with your customers in a two-way, interactive dialogue that:

  • Builds upon past patterns of behaviour – communications, searches, purchases
  • Adapts to your customers changing behaviours and their reaction to each new touch point with your business

  • Delivers the most compelling message to each customer, in the best inbound or outbound channel, at the perfect moment

Conventional Marketing falls away with changes in the marketing landscape

Research* has shown that -  
75% of people don’t believe companies tell the truth in advertising
53% of people on Twitter recommend companies and products
64% of consumers made a first purchase because of a digital experience
6% of marketers rate their digital marketing capabilities as excellent
63% of marketers believe traditional branding methods are losing their effectiveness
67% of marketers say lack of IT support is their number one bottleneck

So what is this telling us? With the decline of traditional marketing channels and the rise of online and social channels, your customers are wielding greater control – they are controlling your message without your knowledge. These factors are impacting your ability to market successfully.
Your audience is now more sophisticated – they are more aware, better informed and more savvy. They are drawing on the resources of social media as well as vast repositories of other digital information that are readily accessible.

No longer satisfied with the push approach of traditional marketing, your audience is now looking for personalisation – provide them with the access to the exact information they want when and where they need it most. The audience is dictating your marketing on their terms. They no longer look to you for the advice – they seek out the word of others and many look to friends. This new market is now far more technically capable – we now for the first time have a generation of consumers who have grown up with the internet. It is as natural to them as the newspaper was to their parents.

4 Essentials of Interactive Marketing

In order that you can transition your marketing efforts adopting Interactive Marketing strategies are:

  • You need to create customer awareness
  • There needs to be centralised decision making
  • You can no longer rely on mass media or any other single channel – you need to embrace cross-channel delivery
  • Your marketing operations need to be totally integrated

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