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Sadly Your Facebook Promotion “LIKES” May Do You Untold Damage

Facebook has a wonderful feature that enables you to either boost your posts or promote your Facebook page to a targeted audience. Low-cost and specifically directed to your desired target market, what better way could there be to grow your “Like” base on Facebook. Well, this in-depth analysis in the following video shows why you might just get more than you expect and a lot of it can be bad news.


A great fallacy of many people is the belief that “the more likes you have, the better it must be for your social marketing on Facebook”. Wrong! You need to read the fine print, which goes on to say "based on you maintaining a suitably accepted level of engagement".

Actually, the fine print is my own but the fact is, the wording is very true and correct.

What is critical to anyone using Facebook as a marketing tool is your level of engagement. Yes the number of likes is also important as this is a measure of the people who will see your posts on their news feed. However, engagement is that percentage of your likes who actually leave comments on your posts and the comments you leave in response to those. Strange as the concept is to some, communications a two-way street. It requires one person saying something, another reply and then a possible response by the original party.
Social media is all about social interaction (communication) and if you play the game any other way then don't expect any real result from your social marketing effort.

So, let’s look at social engagement for a moment. If you can imagine we have Jane with 1000 likes and Tommy with 6000 and for arguments sake say that Facebook considers 2% engagement as a satisfactory level . We would therefore need Jane to engage with 20 people regularly but Tommy will need to do so with 120. A lot more work, much more time spent on Facebook and the issue of a need to find a lot more meaningful things to post for poor old Tommy.

Do you know see why attracting all those “likes” from places not related to your target market that come from "like farms" has just made your life so difficult. The other problem of course is that coming from "like farms" they won't be engaging with you so maintaining or getting a suitable level of engagement is going to be very difficult if not impossible. All of a sudden your Facebook marketing has just shot you in the foot.

Can you do anything about it? Yes, you can. You need to look carefully at who is “liking” you and clean out anything that appears to be a "like farm" entry by “un-liking” them. Be sure to check your Insight reports to identify any anomalies in the source of your likes.

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