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So Facebook has #hashtags

Last week (mid June 2013) Facebook finally announced the long touted Hashtag option. The reaction has been more about the fact that they did it than what it offered. Overall the response from the internet community from what we have seen has been rather subdued and more "underwhelming" than some may have thought.

So why was this? Well in all reality this is about as original as sliced bread and in our opinion about as exciting as brown sliced bread. The concept of hashtagging has existed within Twitter since the beginning and is primarily of use there because of the limitations within Twitter for collating information around subjects and threads of discussion. One can't but help feel that Facebook were in need of annoucning something to be seen as being interested so they launched #hashtags.

So what use can you make of it. Well really it is nothing different to Twitter's facility so now in order to get noticed in other people's conversations we will see people building sentences with words that all begin with the '#'. For amusement I actually checked the hashtag '#hashtag' in Facebook and can only say it proved even more uninteresting than I had expected.

What is lets you do is track who else is talking about the same hashtag as yourself - if you are so inclined. In Facebook's own words "To date, there has not been a simple way to see the larger view of what's happening or what people are talking about." Knowing how rubbish is out on Facebook, now you have the opportunity to see it all in one place as relating to a single hashtag.

When I can think of a practical use for this I will let you know but in the meantime break a leg and of course if yu find a great use do share it with everyone but please don't use the #hashtag tag.

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