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Social Media Study Reveals How Important Engagement Is

In a study of Australian companies’ use of social media we able to see who the top businesses are on Facebook and why they enjoy the success they do. What is very apparent is how important your level of engagement is with your fans. This report not only shows you statistics by industry groups but also the level of engagement for each business listed.

The success enjoyed by the different industries is not only reliant on the number of fans they have but how they interact and engage with these fans. It is also interesting to note the differences in levels of engagement between the different industry groups.
If your business includes Facebook is one of your branding initiatives then you must take a look at this report and see if your registry is included and what level of engagement you should probably be looking at with your own Facebook page.

The data presented offers an interesting insight into the level of following on some rather surprising Facebook sites with a few outstanding performers not only in the number of Fans (eg. Black Milk Clothing with 531K Fans but also with 6.7% engagement - overall #26 in Australia).  No surpise in seeing politicians ranking top of the engagement list by industry closely followed by Media and then sporting clubs.

The above image is a graph that represents the average response rate as rated against the average response time for each industry. A full size view of this graph can be viewed here

To review the full report for yourself download the PDF file on the link below.

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