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The Good, the Bad and The Damned Ugliness of Business Directory Listings

They have been around since businesses started building websites. They are being promised is the single all-encompassing solution to businesses for the promotion of their products and services. Most, unfortunately did little more than line the pockets of their smooth selling owners. There are however some business directories that you should not ignore.

There are two types of business directories:

  • niche market defined
  • general service listings

Those in a niche defined category where the directory itself is focused on a particular industry, market or service type. Typically these types of directories may hold public listings of entries all provide limited access to directory listings to authorise members. Generally, these "portals" they also provide other supporting value added information or services.

The second category are those general listing directories contain entries across all businesses and allow you to browse or search for businesses based on selected criteria, usually geographic location as the primary driver. The most prominent and well-known of these types of directory listing services are Google My Business, Yellow Pages, True Local etc.

The Bad and Damned Ugliness of directory practices

What many of these directories do is to scrape listings from other websites or purchase listings so as to build content. They simply find the "public" information about your business, build a basic listing entry and then portray themselves as being the place you must be to be found. The trouble is;

  • your listings don't gain prominence unless you have a paid subscription
  • these directories themselves don't rank well (it at all) in general searches on leading search engines
  • in light of recent Panda updates at Google, these sort of directories can sometimes do you more harm than good
  • listings are invariably "unverified"

What you need is to have your business listed in established and credible directories, those that the search engines place credence with.

As a result of placing a "verified" listing in the correct directories, you can gain significant benefits.

  • You are able to be found by the search engines
  • as a verified listing you acknowledge yourself as being the owner of the list of business and are thus seen by the search engine as being a credible
  • your listing will provide you with a credible back link to your website
  • reviews and recommendations in these directories further establishes your credibility with the search engines
  • your business or services will have a greater chance of additional listings in organic search results

Research conducted by Conio Innovation across 500 businesses on the Internet analyse the business directories that showed up in search engine results for the top 100 positions. The results of this research identifying the top 30 Australian business directories that consistently were listed in search engine results across all of these businesses that were reviewed.

All of these business directories were shown to be credible by the search engines and positively contribute to the branding and marketing of those websites. What was important to business owners is that all of these directories were free to obtain full profile listing and as long as you complete your profile is fully and verified your ownership, then these listings positively contributed to your search rankings.

View the PowerPoint presentation below - simply click on each image to view the animations

Top Left Designs now offers this service as an online product to website owners, Web developers and SCO consultants. Of course we also provide this to our own clients.

Our business directory listing service is an Australian product that offers this facility in a unique way that is not available anywhere else in Australia covering the directories that we do. Not only do you get listed in the top ranked Australian business directories, but we also create entries for you in Google myBusiness, being, Yahoo and yellow pages. Contact us now to have us arrange your business listings on these key business directories.

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