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The simple approach for using Linkedin in Business

So how can you really make use of Linkedin as a means for building business relationships? The answer is quite simple  really however I will say up front Linkedin is just the tool, you still have to work at it and just being on Linkedin is not enough.

Being a member of these groups is one thing and whatever one's reason's are for joining the only way you are going to achieve any real result is through active participation. There is a lot one can learn from others in these groups and I have even used some of the articles as the basis of posts to my own blogs as well as contributing to the discussion in Linkedin.

For me it's about building a profile. Not the one I post on Linkedin but through the activity in the group. What better way to get to know someone and understand their skills, knowledge and capabilities than reading their posts. All of a sudden this stranger you have never met actually takes on depth of character. You get an insight into what they are passionate about, what they know on different subject matters and where they are coming from. You soon pick those who have a genuine interest in sharing information or wanting to learn as opposed to those with less honourable expectations.It intrigues me why the level of activity is so low in groups such as this and most of the others I am part of.

For instance, in one particular group I am a member of, there are 3,006 members. In the previous week (at the time of writing this post) there were 14 discussions, 2 jobs and 10 promotions posted with just 8 comments in response. I know quite a number of the members personally so know what they have to offer and contribute yet we only see a small handful of those members actually doing so as evidenced by the "Top Influencers this week list".

If people are looking to grow their networks and build relationships through Linkedin groups and discussions then I would suggest that this will not occur by sitting back and not contributing.

You don't have to say anything earth shattering, your discussions don't have to be the basis of a thesis for your MBA (my contributions are evidence of this) - just offer something whether it is a post in a discussion or raising a new discussion topic of your own. You will sometimes be amazed (and yes occasionally shocked) at what some people have to say and what you can learn from that.

My advice for what that may be worth is:- participate regularly

  • have a desire to share and learn
  • be topical without being rude
  • don't sell yourself, your business or your products
  • if you want to share some other person's article include your own assessment or comment on the article rather than blindly passing it on with no context
  • if you find someone of a similar ilk make personal contact and meet for a coffee to share more about your businesses

Not sure about others, but I can't create a business relationship solely online. You need to talk and preferably meet with the other party to truly know and understand them. Linkedin however does provide you with a very good basis on deciding who may be worth making further contact with.

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