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What size should images be in your Facebook Timeline

Ever got as frustrated as me in seeing those images on your Facebook timeline cut off and not displaying at the right size. Well here is yrou answer

This simple infographic (click the image to see the full list of image sizes in new tab) will save you so much heartache - particularly for those who are putting in a lot of thought to the cover photo positioning and how your profile photo fits over the top of that.

Now you will be able to pre-size your photos and images just right so as to display correctly on your Facebook timeline without losing impact.

Don't lose the impact of a powerful infographic you may be sharing just because your original image is the wrong size. For most photos the half column width size of 403px is quite fine.

If you have a larger landscape image or you are looking to show a new tab page, then you have the larger format sizes available with milestones and highlighted posts in your timeline.

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