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Backlinking offers are not always as it appears

After having seen so many emails come in with terrific offers for building backlinks this one really took it to a new level and seeing what I'm about to show you really rattled my cage!

We all see these email come in that offer you what appears to be a great SEO service with everything you want but do you notice how most arrive with no company details and use some generic GMAIL address with an anglicised name for the sender? Well this email took a different approach and was sent to one of my clients and rather than respond to him alone I wanted to share this with all of you.

Nothing these people say in their email is incorrect but let's look at it closely. They tell us we have 142 links in Google to our site. Correct but not quite the full story. What it is actually counting is the number of pages in our site that are in Google's index. An entirely different matter!

The big rub is when they tell us we can have 2000 links to our site in 1 month. Apart from how they actually acquire these links and whether they are following black hat practices there are more pressing concerns.

Here's the dirty little scandal that nobody is telling you about.

If you've browsed any Internet Marketing forum lately or checked your email, you already know this...

DOZENS of services claim to help you "dominate" the search engines and get you loads of free traffic.

Sure, the promise sounds great and all. The price? Pretty reasonable, no actually some of them are offering outstanding pricing.

BUT... have you ever wondered how these services are getting traffic for you?

Let me tell you.

bad-backlink-ex01 These guys are getting you HORRIBLE backlinks from garbage websites just like this one to the left.

Hint. Take a close look at the content of the article. (Click on the image to see a full size view by the way.).



bad-backlink-ex02 Here's another one, again, read the contents closely.

Let me ask you this. If this went out with your business name on the bottom how is that reflecting on the quality and professionalism of your business? What does this say for your corporate branding?

Yes, those are actual blogs that gave someone backlinks through a service (which I won't name here) that charges $47/month.

Once you dig a little deeper, here's what's going on behind the scenes.

The content?

Scraped from and run through some over-automated auto-rewriter script.

The content is ATROCIOUS!

It's criminal to charge someone even a dollar for this.

Google wouldn't touch those sites with a 10-foot pole!

But, sadly MANY services follow this exact same formula. Garbage blogs, even worse content. Awful quality backlinks ... and you pay for results, but get NONE.

Now, the reason I mention all this is because I know that it's often difficult to tell what's real versus what's a hoax online.

You walk into a restaurant and you pretty much know within 5 seconds if you want to eat there, right?

Not the case online. Fancy website, but the product is total hoax.

Hopefully you know that we provide professional web services and would not recommend anything and offer clients any service we can not be confident to use ourselves.

Building backlinks is no doubt one of the most critical factors in improving your search engine ranking (read our post Google Search Engine Ranking Algorithm). This takes time and effort and must be planned. It must be done manually as otherwise you run the risk of being blacklisted by Google. Automated tools producing rubbish content in bulk is NOT to be pursued as a means for building your backlinks.

We provide a SEO service for building backlinks to your site's key landing pages that is underpinned by carefully planned SEO strategies driving traffic through targeted search paths to your key landing pages.We then create different types of links from a mix of links such as Web 2.0 (social networking), blogs, original articles, directory listings and links in other websites to your site with properly created links around the key search words.

Let me tell you, this is NOT a cheap rubbishy site network like those example sites I just showed you.

Our SEO Backlink Campaign service is all about quality sites and quality content -- all of which is human-moderated to keep the garbage (and spammers) out.

Are 100% of the sites we build links from perfect?

No. We can't guarantee this however our SEO consultants monitor all work and review the results we get and are constantly looking at improving the service.

If you would like to discuss how you can improve your own Internet Marketing results then I would suggest talking with us and we will let you know how we can best service your needs.

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