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Will Hummingbird update affects my rankings

Well the latest Google update, Hummingbird, as a "officially" been released for a week or so now. The reality is that the changes have been introduced over the past couple of months so it is update did have an effect on your rankings you would have seen the change well before now.

Again we are seeing changes to Google's algorithm that are forcing content writers for websites to deliver even more relevant and meaningful content. Hummingbird is taking a more contextual approach when serving up results will be more closely at the context of the person searching and the relevancy of the likely results to that context.

The most significant aspect of Hummingbird seems to lie in its close relationship to mobile searches, specifically the whistle conversation type searches. The advice is to deliver content and addresses user needs, and through their questions. Not rocket science or in fact anything particularly new – something we consistently push on our own clients – space you never sell product, instead you provide a solution to a problem.

It is our view that anyone delivering content in this context will weather out the storm thrown up by Google updates.

There seems to be two schools of thought about that clicking strategy so many SEO "consultants" push. Anecdotal evidence from such authorities as Jim Stewart and MOZ suggest

  1. that whilst we should not ignore back links, success in ranking your site can still be achieved without massive lists of back links
  2. the QUALITY of the domains from which you receive links is more critical than ever
  3. if you are spending all your time thinking about backlinks and how to get them you are missing the main game

Certainly, this and previous updates have clobbered many big-name sites because of bad practice back linking strategies.

It is our view that you're on page factors would seem to carry the greatest weight. Certainly if you don't get these right, you won't rate no matter what back links you have.


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